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Obsidian | Level 7


I am working on creating reports in SAS VA.

The underlying SAS dataset has been imported from a drive in my laptop. Is there a way that everytime this dataset gets updated through a SAS code , my VA data on which I am building reports also gets updated? This would allow me to not import the new dataset everytime. The changes in the underlying dataset can be in the form of addition of new columns or rows.


Amethyst | Level 16



do you know if you are loading the data into a Public LASR server or just a "normal" LASR server?


I guess you case is the second option.


You could check with your ICT/SAS Administrator, if you are able to use the AutoLoad functionality of SAS VA, This will solve your problem automatically.

Your second option, is to use the SAS Visual Analytics Data Builder and schedule the data load.

If you are loading the data from Enterprise Guide, you can also get/generate the code, and schedule it.


As you can see, you have several option. Probably your SAS Administrator would like to have an opinion and select the best option for you, since the SASAdmin probably will know very well the options and also what would give you the best experience. 

Obsidian | Level 7

Hi There, 


For Auto Update Data, the below URLs will help you.


Thanks & Regards,

Venu Murala  | Sr. SAS Consultant, USA.

Venu Murala



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