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Hi All,


Curious if during the pandemic groups have tried online socializing / networking for their membership?


At BASUG we've been doing monthly webinars, which have had a great turn out and we're really excited about them.


But of course what's missing is a bit of "hallway chat / networking" before and after a meeting.  After a Zoom webinar, we allow people to turn on their microphones and talk a bit, which is nice, but feels like we could do more.


After a SUGUKI meeting I went to @AllanBowe used Mibo ( for socializing with the speakers, and I thought it was great.  But other folks I've tried it with haven't loved it.  I was thinking if a group did a virtual CodeDoctors, something like Mibo might be great, because you could literally walk, up, ask a question, and other people could hang out and listen in or chat on the side or whatever.


At SUGA they used Teams and had 30 minute breakout rooms for discussion with a small group, and I thought it worked really well.


I'm curious to see what SESUG has planned for us in a couple weeks.


My guess is BASUG will likely be fully virtual for the foreseeable future, so I'm wondering if groups have found friendly tools that they like for SAS networking.  And I guess as important as the tools is thoughts about format.  SAS speed dating 1:1  in break out rooms?  Small groups of 5-6 people in random breakout rooms with discussion topics?  30 people awkwardly eating lunch in front of zoom brady-bunch screen and not talking, half of them with cameras off?


Thanks for any thoughts.


Check out the Boston Area SAS Users Group (BASUG) video archives:
Community Manager

@Quentin - now this is what I like to see! Great discussion point!!


Awkward brady-bunch lunches and happy hours are not my favorite. 😉 I'm curious to see what works for other people and how we can help facilitate it for you all!


For instance, SAS does some fun trivia to connect peers. Highly recommend! 


@zekeT_sasaholic have you tried any virtual mixers/networking with the groups you lead/participate in?

Check out the Boston Area SAS Users Group (BASUG) video archives:



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