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SAS Viya does not live on an island. In fact no software system stands alone and gives you everything you need. SAS does however, fit very well into the ecosystem of the analytics technology stack. This is made easier by creating easy integration points to our software from external and open source clients. We introduce you to one of these packages SAS SWAT in December's edition of the SAS Bowl.


Game Details

  • The SAS Support Community trivia event, SAS Bowl XXVI, The SAS SWAT Package is scheduled for Wednesday, December 14, at 10 AM ET.
  • Register for the event and receive an invite to a Microsoft Teams meeting and a calendar event.
  • On game day, join the Teams meeting and access the game here.


More on the SWAT package

The SAS SWAT package is an interface to SAS Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) (the centerpiece of the SAS Viya framework). With this package, you can load and analyze data sets of any size on your desktop or in the cloud. Since CAS can be used on a local desktop or in a hosted cloud environment, you can analyze extremely large data sets using as much processing power as you need, while still retaining the ease-of-use of Python, R, or Lua on the client side.


Using SWAT, you can execute workflows of CAS analytic actions, then pull down the summarized data to further process on the client side in say Python, or to merge with data from other sources using familiar Pandas data structures. With the best-of-breed SAS analytics in the cloud and the use of open source packages, the SWAT package gives you access to the best of both worlds.


We could go on and on about the SWAT features, but we'll let you explore the following resources to learn more and prepare for the game.


For those who may be new to the SAS Bowl, you can find game history and specifics in this Community memo. There you'll also find links to previous events, which include recordings.


Register for the event and receive an invite with game details and a Teams meeting link. On game day, Join the TEAMS meeting to play, and show off your SAS and worldly knowledge while competing for bragging rights and SAS Community game gear.



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