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Thursday, June 2 | 11:00 AM EST (60 min.)

Ask the Expert: How Can SAS® Intelligence and Investigation Management Support Vulnerable Population...

Join this webinar to learn how modern policing can use data and analytics to better serve and protect vulnerable populations. You will learn:

  • How data-driven dashboards bring greater insight to the vulnerable.
  • The ability to understand the who, when, where and how of population outcomes using “whole person care” and “familiar faces.”
  • An application that allows law enforcement to reach out and interview individuals experiencing homelessness through a mobile device.
  • How this application allows law enforcement a comprehensive and up-to-date history of the person contacted, even if it is their first meeting.

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Tuesday, June 7 | 10:00 AM EST (60 min.)

Ask the Expert: What are the Analytical Capabilities of SAS® Visual Analytics?

Join this webinar to learn the analytical capabilities of SAS Visual Analytics to dive deeper into your data by bridging the gap between data exploration and advanced analytics. You will learn how to:

  • Use the Automated Explanation object.
  • Trust the results of SAS’ modeling objects in SAS Visual Analytics.
  • Take the next step.

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Wednesday, June 8 | 10:00 AM EST (1 hour) | RESCHEDULED

Ask the Expert: Why Choose Between SAS® DATA Step and PROC SQL When You Can Have Both?

As a SAS coder, you've often wondered what the SQL buzz is about. Or vice versa you breathe SQL & don't have time for SAS. Learn where the SAS DATA Step has a distinct advantage over SQL and where you just can't beat SQL. Learn which tool will better help you in reading raw data, joining data, accumulating data, aggregating data and managing data. All skill levels welcome, but some knowledge of SAS DATA Step and SQL beneficial to make the most of this session.

You will learn:

  • How to choose SAS programming techniques that will optimize your code - and your time!
  • How to combine PROC SQL and the SAS DATA Step to get the best of both!
  • How easy it is to switch between the two languages to get what you want.

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Tuesday, June 14 | 10:00 AM EST (60 min.)

Ask the Expert: How Do I Use Open Source with SAS® Viya®?

Join this webinar to learn the many ways SAS Viya integrates with open source. You will learn how to:

  • Access the power of SAS using your existing skills, like SAS, open source or other programming skills.
  • Use Python or R in the analytical flow of pipelines.
  • Use Python or R through the SWAT package.
  • Use the Python Editor within SAS Studio.

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Tuesday, June 21 | 10:00 AM EST (60 min.)

Ask the Expert: What Are Convolutional Neural Networks and How Are They Used for Computer Vision?

Join this webinar to learn the building blocks of a convolutional neural network and how to apply one to solve computer vision tasks through a demonstration. The presenter will take you beyond the convolutional neural network model to discuss important considerations for image transformations and transfer learning to reduce model data bias. You will learn:

  • The important components of a convolutional neural network: convolution layers, pooling layers, padding and types of skip layers.
  • Important consideration for input augmentation.
  • Transfer learning and transfer learning bias.

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Tuesday, June 28 | 1:00 PM EST (3 hrs.)

Ask the Expert: Getting to Know SAS® Viya®

This special edition Ask the Expert learning event will introduce you to SAS Viya. Join this webinar to learn what Viya is, its key attributes, how users in different roles interact with Viya, and how it provides support for the complete analytics life cycle, turning massive amounts of raw data into actionable insights. Discover the agenda and register.

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Registration is open! SAS is returning to Vegas for an AI and analytics experience like no other! Whether you're an executive, manager, end user or SAS partner, SAS Innovate is designed for everyone on your team. Register for just $495 by 12/31/2023.

If you are interested in speaking, there is still time to submit a session idea. More details are posted on the website. 

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