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Calcite | Level 5

I was trying to install SAS Enterprise Miner from SAS OnDemand for Academics and after complete every necessary step that is in the installation guide provided by SAS I got stuck in this part of the process:


All the boxes are check with that green check but I cannot move on to the next step (already waited for 1:30h).


Can someone assist me on this please?


Thank you in advance.


Opal | Level 21

Let it continue. SAS updates can be slow in my experience. You can always cancel and you will be prompted on whether you want to complete the current install or start a new one the next time you run it.

SAS Employee
Can you scoll down in the Deployment Wizard to see where it's stuck?
Also, can you check to see if it actually installed, using in "C:\Program Files\SASHome\SASEnterpriseMinerClient\15.2\em.exe"?
Calcite | Level 5



It stops here:


I am not sure on how to check if everything is installed, but this is what I have in the path you wrote.


Thank you for your help.


SAS Employee
Try double-clicking on the ENTRPRISEMINER_app or em.exe & see if that launches the application.
Did you have a previous version of Enterprise Miner on your computer?
Calcite | Level 5

I just clicked on stop and test if the app launched and it seems everything ok. I just created a project and then a diagram and it worked. The versions I had it were the ones that I tried to install in the same day, like once or twice, but before each installation I deleted everything from the previous installation (or at least I think I deleted).


Now I have a new error when installing SAS Enterprise Guide:


I am afraid that SAS Enterprise Miner was not correctly installed too.

SAS Employee
Where are getting the instructions for installing Enterprise Guide? I would do some more testing of Enterprise Miner before installing EG.
Calcite | Level 5

Ok like what? Sorry I am not really familiarized with this. There is no way I can get support by call to share my screen or somehting like that? 


Thank you once again for your support.

SAS Employee
You can use the links on for contacting SAS (right-hand side of Welcome page). If you are associated with a University (Faculty or Student) - you can contact



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