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Quartz | Level 8
proc import datafile='/data/bvd/unrar/Contact_info.txt'	encoding='any'; out=contacts dbms=dlm replace; delimiter = '09'x; guessingrows=max;

I'm using this cline of code to import data, but it bombs because of the statement encoding='any'


Any clues why is it bombing?

Onyx | Level 15

The log is quite verbose about why it is not working:

1    proc import
2    datafile='/data/bvd/unrar/Contact_info.txt'
3    encoding='any';
ERROR 22-322: Syntax error, expecting one of the following: ;, DATAFILE, DATATABLE, DBMS, DEBUG, FILE,
              OUT, REPLACE, TABLE, _DEBUG_.

ERROR 76-322: Syntax error, statement will be ignored.

4    out=contacts
5    dbms=dlm
6    replace;
7    delimiter = '09'x;
8    guessingrows=max;
9    run;

SAS is not expecting "encoding" keyword there.


You can use the "encoding" in FILENAME statement:

filename F '/data/bvd/unrar/Contact_info.txt' encodeing='utf-8';

proc import 
delimiter = '09'x; 

And for a text file I suggest you check out this list: rather "any".



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Quartz | Level 8
1036 filename C '/data/bvd/unrar/Contact_info.txt' encoding='any';
1037 proc import datafile=C;
ERROR: Output SAS data set must be provided.
Super User

Now you're just being lazy. 😈

You have to provide the OUT= data set name for proc import to create a data set.


@Satori wrote:
1036 filename C '/data/bvd/unrar/Contact_info.txt' encoding='any';
1037 proc import datafile=C;
ERROR: Output SAS data set must be provided.



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