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My First SAS® Package: A How-To

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Paper 1079-2021

Bartosz Jabłoński
(Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science, Warsaw University of Technology / Citibank Europe PLC, Poland)



A SAS® package is an automatically generated, single, stand alone zip file containing organised and ordered code structures, created by the developer and extended with additional automatically generated "driving" files (i.e. description, metadata, load, unload, and help files).
The purpose of a package is to be a simple, and easy-to-access, code-sharing medium that allows: on the one hand, separating the code-complex dependencies created by the developer from the user experience with the final product and, on the other hand, reduce unnecessary frustration for developers and users related to a remote deployment process.
The SAS Packages Framework is a "pack" of macros, which allows you to use and to develop SAS packages.


To create a package the developer executes a few simple steps which include the ability to:


  • prepare the code (package content files) and a description file,
  • "fit" them into a structured form,
  • download the (the SAS Packages Framework) file,
  • and execute the %generatePackage() macro.

In the article we present a step-by-step tutorial which allows to develop a SAS package.


The Article in full length is in the attachment.



Watch My First SAS Package: A How-To by the author on the SAS Users YouTube channel.




  • The SAS Packages Framework is available at the author's GitHub.
  • Materials, code, and the latest version of the article are available here.

very interesting idea, I think I will use it in my projects ; )


Let me know if you need any assistance. I gladly help.

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