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Obsidian | Level 7

Question : Find weekday for every year from 15aug1940 to now(today) ??

August 15, 1940: Thursday
August 15, 1941: Friday
August 15, 1942: Saturday
August 15, 1943: Sunday
August 15, 1944: Tuesday
August 15, 1945: Wednesday
... (continuing for each year up to the current year)



Barite | Level 11

Hi @112211, you could use the mod function to to get the remainder from the division of the date (an integer number in SAS) by 7. If the remainder is negative you have to add 7. Each of the seven positive possible remainders correspond to a weekday. 

Hope, this helps.

Best, Markus

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Super User

Use the MDY function to build the SAS dates. Then either use the WEEKDAY function to retrieve the weekday in numeric fashion, or use the DOWNAME format to display the weekday name.


Please show the code you have tried, so that we can help you improve it.  In addition to the suggestions from others, you might want to use the INTNX function for advancing the date by a year at a time.

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