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Fluorite | Level 6

Hello 😅

I have a special problem to solve.

Currently I try one way but need help but let me explain.


I have a program which includes a lot of others, saves my *.log and *.lst to my server to check for keywords. The program runs without errors or warnings BUT when I compare old data with new I recognized that there are datasets missing... Neither the VPN connection, nor the ping check, even my SAS log did not give an error but when I check the log, the program stopped without any information why and did not complete.  So every time I have to check the compare manually.


Today I got an error while a viewtable was opened and I thought ... Ok, many of my issues starts there... Screenshot 2023-12-11 113057.jpg

It would be great if I can open a viewtable automatically at the beginning of my program.

I found only half of the solution because that code runs only with the regular submit.

dm "vt libname.filename" ; 


Regular submit means, when I just use the single "running man" but I have two "running men" which means (see screenshot) :Screenshot 2023-12-11 115637.jpg


Does anyone have an idea to either solve my way or can provide a solution to check for connection time outs?

Super User

You should be able to EDIT (customize) that command to insert the viewtable command.


I see a potential problem with your desired action though. If you open a table in viewtable then it may get treated as "in use by you in another process" for code that you run.


I never bother to edit the menu though. I would suggest that you investigate creating a KEYS (window should open with F9 by default) and edit/create a key command to combine the VT and other window commands with a key stroke instead of clicking on the menu.

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