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Obsidian | Level 7

i have a temp dataset that I use ODS to output as a .xlsx:

ods excel file="/myDir/…/myFile&datz..xlsx"
 proc print data=temp1 noobs label;

and i send to email with

attach = ("/myDir/…/myFile&datz..xlsx" content_type="application/xlsx")

my issue is, when i retrieve the file, i cannot add filters or do anything with the data...unless i simply add another sheet to the workbook; then i can interact with it.  How can i send an email with a .xlsx file that is useable without having to create a new sheet each time i open it?


Thank you


Obsidian | Level 7
You don't see an 'Enable editing' option at the top when you open it in Excel?
Obsidian | Level 7

I know what you mean - it's like yellowish and kind of stands out at the top of the workbook.  However, for these ones, that option is not there.  i save it to my desktop and i still cannot edit it until i create a new sheet. i look in the advanced options of excel and allow editing is checked off.


Any other ideas out there?



Obsidian | Level 7
Hmm few suggestions to figure out root cause:
1. Try sending to another email client.
2. Try not giving sheet_name option in ods.
2. Try using proc export instead of ods.


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