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Obsidian | Level 7


I have two datafiles which actually have the same set of variables but the set of vars is named differently across the two files. Each person should be found in both files and should (but will not always) have identical sets of values across each variable:

File 1:

ID_1                            var1                   var2         

a                                   1                      d

b                                   2                      e

c                                   3                      f 

d                                  4                      g

e                                  5                      i  

File 2:

person_ID              firstvar                secondvar

a                                1                     d

b                                2                    e

c                                3                    f

d                               4                    h

e                               6                    i


What I need to do is:

                      1. Look across the values of each variable for each person and make sure that the value of the var on File1 matches the value of the var on File2 for that                                      person. 

                     2. Produce output which gives a list of IDs:

                             a) That have at least one set of vars which failed to match

                            b) For those IDs, what were the variables that did not match, eg:


ID            non-matching vars 

d              var2, secondvar

e              var1, firstvar


If an ID has multiple sets of non-matching variables, my preference would be for a new row for each mismatch for a given ID.


What is the most efficient way to approach this? Obviously I know PROC COMPARE is built for the comparison part, but the output isn't exactly ideal for what I'm trying to produce. 


Barite | Level 11



Why can't you use Proc Compare for this?


Many thanks,


Barite | Level 11

Perhaps you could also use Proc SQL with the full join, and so you will see the non matching values on different rows...


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