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Calcite | Level 5

I'm having to get familar with non-windows based SAS again. Not sure if this forum answers such questions - so excuse if this is off topic.

I'm finding the program editor difficult - and wish to customize it via the autoexec or config file.

Can I set the settings for:

"Automatically store selection" concerning the buffer
"Clear Text on Submit" to turn that off?

in a way that need not be reset each time. Any other resources for commonly set preferences would be most helpful.

I think I used to use Pico or VI - but wish to use the features of the 'default'
SAS program - the convenient graphical aspects.
Fluorite | Level 6

For the love of Dr. Goodnight - someone answer this question.  I also need to know!


BTW,  There are other OS besides MS Windows....

Super User

I don't have a Unix box to test this but the KEYS window may help the second part of this question. If there is enough commonality F9 should open the KEYS window from the program editor. Look for an entry that has SUBMIT. add ";program;recall;" or possibly pgm or wpgm instead of program to the end of the line. Use the function key indicated, probably F8, to submit programs. That should recall the text of the submitted program. If there is a 'clear' on the submit line delete it.

One usefule KEYS string I use is:

odsresults;select all;clear;log;clear;output;clear;wpgm;

This removes all the text from the output and log windows and the tree of results from the explorer returning to the editor(enhanced in windoze)

another is

vt _last_ openmode=edit;

which opens the last created dataset and allows sorting or editing.



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