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Calcite | Level 5


I need to run a linear regression with two categorical variables with 3 plus levels and one continuous variable on a continuous response variable, and is Thus using proc GLM.


Continuous variables:

- Price

- rating


Categorical varibles:

- product=(agriculture, rental, industry)

- customer_segment=(key, focus, corporate)


Is it possible to run the following regression, and if so how do you specify the interaction terms:


Proc GLM data=model1_data2 alpha=0.75;

class product customer_segment;

model price=rating product customer_segment industry*rating industry*key / solution;

output out=model1_v2_out r=res p=benchmark2 lcl=Q25 ucl=Q75;

Data model1_data2;

set model1_v2_out;



So my issue is that i don't know how to specify interaction terms only involving specific levels of the categorical variable.

Hopes this makes sence.

I'm using SAS 9.4


Best, Andreas

Rhodochrosite | Level 12

Many procedures output coded variables.  You can then process the output data set to drop terms.  Personally, I like transreg because 1) I wrote it, 2) it has nice names and labels for terms, and 3) it outputs a macro variable with all of the terms in the model.

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