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Calcite | Level 5 RWS
Calcite | Level 5

I need to rename some data step variables to the values of a set of macro variables.  The macro variables have new, different values each time the macro is invoked because a different parameter is passed to the macro with each call.  The macro is used to create a group of data sets, one for each of the parameters that are passed to the macro with an invocation of it.  Each of these datasets has a common set of dataset variables -- that is, they are common across all of the datasets created because they are created from a single, large dataset.  In each of the datasets, these dataset variables need to be given the names of the unique macro variable contents for that particular macro call.  The dataset variables need to be renamed because the datasets are merged together at the end of the program.

A simple rename type of statement like the following would be nice:

                                                          rename dataset variable = contents of macro variable.

However, I can't make this work.  Is there a way to accomplish this task?  I use version 9.4.


Not quite following. Could you show a small bit of sample data, and how you would want to call the macro to rename the variables? Can you show what you have tried? Would a macro that allows you to rename a list of variables to add a prefix or suffix help?
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Calcite | Level 5 RWS
Calcite | Level 5

The other person who responded had a suggested solution that works.  Thanks anyway.

Super User

There are several ways to do this depending on how persistent your macro variables are.

One way would be to rename them using proc datasets.


Proc datasets library=lib ;  /* put the name of the library where the data set you want to modify exists*/

   modify yourdatasetname;

      rename currentvar1 = &macrovar1

                   currentvar2 = &macrovar2

                   currentvar3 = &macrovar3





Another if the macro variables are persistent enough would be to have a rename in the data set options when actually combining the sets.


data big;


       inputset1 (rename=(var1=&rename1_1 var2=&rename2_1)

       inputset2 (rename=(var1=&rename1_2 var2=&rename2_2)

       inputset3 (rename=(var1=&rename1_3 var2=&rename2_3)




Calcite | Level 5 RWS
Calcite | Level 5

Your first suggested method for solving the problem works!  Thanks a lot.  It's a big help.

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Please mark an accepted solution so that other folks can see that the problem is solved. That helps other people find solutions to their problems.



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