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Rhodochrosite | Level 12

Hi Experts,


I have been using SAS for a few years.   Are there any keyboard shortcuts for SAS users?  For example, Crtl+C=copy, Crtl+V=Paste, Ctrl+X=Cut, something like when I use the above in Windows.   Any literature or weblink would be helpful... 


I know Ctrl+F=Find, Ctril+/=disable the highligt codes are some of keyboard shortcuts in SAS.  Anything else?   Thank you!

Diamond | Level 26

I would imagine this is the same across all editing platforms (although I don't know that for sure), but in Base SAS, you can use the Enhanced Editor menu command Tools->Options->Enhanced Editor Keys and Tools->Options->Keys to see what key combinations are assigned to what command. You can change things there to your liking. You can also create keyboard macros, and abbreviations.

Paige Miller
Quartz | Level 8
That link has great tips.

Also, I like ctrl-alt-plus and ctrl-alt-minus for expanding and collapsing code blocks. (I'm using Enterprise Guide). I built that into a recorded macro I mapped to ctrl-alt-F3. I call the macro "Super Run". The macro collapses the section of code I'm in, goes to the start of the line and selects that line of code. After that, I can just hit F3 to run the selected code block.

I like the record macro feature for other things. I have some macro programs in my autoexec file that compile on opening a SAS session. I have the actual typing out the "%macro_name(<parameter>)" where paramater is a value copied on my clipboard. So the keyboard shortcut writes that out, pastes in the value on my clipboard into the parameter, then selects the line of code. So the execution becomes "keyboard shortcut to run macro" then F3 to run. So, not only am I not typing out the actual code that's running, since it is a precompiled macro, I'm not even typing out the name of the macro to get it set up so I can run it.

Hope these ideas are helpful. Good luck!


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