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Calcite | Level 5

The following code works for 3 of my 4 variables. But with one variable, I get the following message:



ERROR: (execution) Invalid argument to function.


 operation : SQRT at line 4121 column 1

 operands  : _TEM1001


_TEM1001      5 rows      1 col     (numeric)








 statement : ASSIGN at line 4121 column 1

ERROR: (execution) Matrix has not been set to a value.


Here is the macro code: 


%MACRO clus2OLS(yvar, xvars, cluster1, cluster2, dset);
	/* do interesection cluster*/
	proc surveyreg data=&dset; cluster &cluster1 &cluster2; model &yvar= &xvars /  covb; ods output CovB = CovI; quit;
	/* Do first cluster */
	proc surveyreg data=&dset; cluster &cluster1; model &yvar= &xvars /  covb; ods output CovB = Cov1; quit;
	/* Do second cluster */
	proc surveyreg data=&dset; cluster &cluster2; model &yvar= &xvars /  covb; ods output CovB = Cov2 ParameterEstimates = params;	quit;

	/*	Now get the covariances numbers created above. Calc coefs, SEs, t-stats, p-vals	using COV = COV1 + COV2 - COVI*/
	proc iml; reset noprint; use params;
		read all var{Parameter} into varnames;
		read all var _all_ into b;
		use Cov1; read all var _num_ into x1;
	 	use Cov2; read all var _num_ into x2;
	 	use CovI; read all var _num_ into x3;

		cov = x1 + x2 - x3;	/* Calculate covariance matrix */
		dfe = b[1,3]; stdb = sqrt(vecdiag(cov)); beta = b[,1]; t = beta/stdb; prob = 1-probf(t#t,1,dfe); /* Calc stats */

		print,"Parameter estimates",,varnames beta[format=8.4] stdb[format=8.4] t[format=8.4] prob[format=8.4];

		  conc =    beta || stdb || t || prob;
  		  cname = {"estimates" "stderror" "tstat" "pvalue"};
  		  create clus2dstats from conc [ colname=cname ];
          append from conc;

		  conc =   varnames;
  		  cname = {"varnames"};
  		  create names from conc [ colname=cname ];
          append from conc;

	data clus2dstats; merge names clus2dstats; run;
%MEND clus2OLS;

%clus2OLS(yvar=dependentvariable, xvars=listofindependentvariables, cluster1=gvkey, cluster2=fyear, dset=gtx.prepforreg);


Here is how I call the macro


%clus2OLs(yvar=Chgroa3, xvars=vb_nvb roa chgroa GrAS, cluster1=gvkey, cluster2=fyear, dset=Reg_ROA);


I receive PARAMETER ESTIMATES when I use a different "yvar" from the same dataset. But when I use this similar variable in my call statement (Chgroa3), I get the above error messages and no PARAMETER ESTIMATES. 


Thank you



Your covariance matrix is wrong. Consequently you are getting an error (the sqrt of a negative number) when you compute

cov = x1 + x2 - x3;

stdb = sqrt(vecdiag(cov));


There is no reason why a linear combination of matrices should be a valid covariance matrix and clearly it is not for your data.

Diamond | Level 26

ERROR: (execution) Invalid argument to function.


 operation : SQRT at line 4121 column 1


You can't take a square root of a negative number. You get a negative number from 


cov = x1 + x2 - x3;

I don't think this is really a way to obtain a covariance matrix, and I have never seen anyone subtract a covariance from another covariance matrix, so I'm not really sure why you are doing this subtraction.

Paige Miller



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