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We are currently using Version R.3.1.0 (Spring Dance) on our SAS server and can use R software within SAS Studio.  We also have SAS IML Studio licensed.  We would like to obtain a newer version of R that contains the Package "car".  I believe R.3.2.5 might contain this package but I'm not sure.  Where can I confirm this?


Where does SAS recommend that we obtain the R software from?  Someone told me that R was purchased by another company?  Will this have any impact on us acquiring the software?  We will need to install it on both a Windows and Linux server.  Will we need different versions?


Thank you for any guidance that you can provide.


Super User

You can usually add packages to R unless there's a dependency on a specific R version. My quick googling doesn't seem to indicate that this is,the case. 


What happens if you the code in R, do you get an error?


You can find the relevant version of R here:


R is open source, there is an enterprise version the comes with support, EnterpriseR that had some extra features that was taken over by Microsoft. SQL Server 2016 will be shipping with R installed. 


You can download R from 




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