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Fluorite | Level 6 bjg
Fluorite | Level 6

Last year there was an excellent mobile app for keeping track of sessions, registering interest, etc., but i can't seem to find any reference to it this year. Am i just not looking close enough, or has the app been abandoned  for this years SASGF ?




The App is coming..


There is a website with sessions that lets you do some preliminary agenda-building:


On there they mention the App should be out in March.



Check out the Boston Area SAS Users Group (BASUG) video archives:
Obsidian | Level 7
One thing to note about the planner on the website is that it does not allow you login with a userid to save what you build. So make sure to create a pdf and download that so that you can then add it to your schedule in the mobile app once the mobile app is available.
Obsidian | Level 7

As JWaller indicated don't forget to print that PDF off when building your agenda on the website.  I forgot to do that last year and had to go back and redo.  But having that PDF version ready is great when you are ready to set your actual agenda on the mobile app.  Of course that doesn't mean your mobile app agenda is going to align with the one you created previously but it is a good starting point.  I know that by the time the conference came around last year my agenda changed quite a bit.  Primarily because the PDF version, I selected every possible session I was interested in but of course I could only be in one place at a time, but the PDF version was a nice reminder to me which ones I needed to go grab papers for and read on my own.



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