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Obsidian | Level 7



I look at the agenda for breakout sessions, and there are so many. I would like to ask for some recommendations for "MUST SEE" breakout sessions. I am a intermediate programmer and I work in financial industry, but I am generally interested in anything new cool things and features that SAS provides.





Calcite | Level 5

Same for me, here are a few that seem interesting:


Combating Fraud and Financial Crime Effectively by Empowering Data Scientists Using SAS® Viya®
3275 Breakout


Hands-on Workshop: Data Quality Programming Challenge
4045 Hands-On Workshop


Emerging: Parallel Computations and Distributed Tasks in SAS/IML® Software
3595 Breakout


Introducing SAS® Workload Orchestrator, the New SAS® Grid Manager Workload Manager
3430 Breakout


Celebrity Makeover: A Fresh and Modern Look for SAS® Enterprise Guide®
3355 Breakout

Obsidian | Level 7

I'm always hesitant to post which one's I'm interested in due to it possibly leading to increased demand for seats, but I'm looking forward to Derek Morgan's Essentials of SAS Dates and Times session.

Returning User | Level 2

Hi, these are the sessions that I really recommened to attend for someone from financial industry. Depending on what do you prefer I divided sessions into fraud and risk topic:



- 3536 - A Real-time Solution for Application Fraud Prevention 4/30/19 11:00-11:30 - Level 1, D165

- 3275 - Combating Fraud and Financial Crime Effectively by Empowering Data Scientists Using SAS Viya 4/30/19 12:00-13:00 - Level 1, D165

- 3858 - The Escalating Need To Combat Enterprise Fraud 4/30/19 16:00-16:30:00 - Level 1, D165

- 3438 - How Innovations in Fraud Detection are Saving Government Departments Billions 5/01/19 12:30-13:00 Level 1, D167



- 3356 - Model Risk Management: How to Be Prepared in a Data-Driven World 4/29/19 14:00 -14:30 - Level 1, D163

- 3501  - Creating a Comprehensive Risk-Aware Business Culture Using SAS Risk Management Products 4/30/19 15:00-15:30 - Level 1, D165

- 3554 - Developing a Credit Risk Model Using SAS - 5/01/19 10:00 - 10:30 - Level 1, C147,154


Hope it helped!


SAS Employee



Have you downloaded the SGF conference app yet?  If so, there are some “sample agendas” that may give you ideas for sessions to attend.  At the main page for the app, go to Users Program Sessions --> Sample Agendas --> Analytics, and there are options for “Fraud Detection and Risk Management” and “Banking” among several others. 


Hopefully this helps.



Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Here are the sessions Zencos is presenting.  We are covering data communications, data storytelling, analytics maturity blockers, text analytics, and fraud detection. 


Mining for Actionable Analytics: Your SASG Session Guide


We are celebrating Nerdom this year ... stop by our booth for some nerds candy.


We didn't choose #nerdlife, #nerdlife chose us. 


Tricia Aanderud

Twitter: @taanderud - Follow me!

Obsidian | Level 7

Here is a shameless plug.  Selerity are presenting two papers this year.  One on monitoring SAS in the cloud aimed more at administrators and one presenting a new testing framework for SAS and Viya relevant for SAS Administrators, Analysts and Programmers.


Selerity Breakout Sessions






Cameron | Selerity



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