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Because I am known as a somewhat of a fashion icon around here, people often come to me for wardrobe advice.  First timers to SAS Global Forum may wonder how to pack and what to wear.  I'm here to provide the benefit of my vast experience. I have attended this conference 15 times over 25 years with SAS.  And I've worn pretty much the exact same clothes every single time...I mean, why mess with perfection?




Officially, the conference dress code is positioned as business casual.  This allows a very wide spectrum of dress, with some attendees skewing strongly to either the "business" end or the "casual" end.  I can confirm that all manner of attire is met without judgement -- you'll feel at home in whatever you choose to wear.  However, there are special things about the conference that lead to this practical advice:

  • Wear comfortable shoes.  The Dallas convention center is huge.  I think the Quad itself (the hub for demos and SAS product info) occupies its own ZIP code.  You will be doing a lot of walking.  Your FitBits and smart watches will congratulate you each day for achieving all of your required steps.
  • The air conditioning works really well, which means that some rooms -- especially the big rooms like the Quad and the theater -- can feel chilly.  Consider this when packing short sleeve or sleeveless shirts/tops.  Of course, it will probably be warm outside.  Since I'm working the conference I will rarely see the outside -- but you should have at least some opportunity to venture out for fresh air and sunshine.
  • Professional photo opportunity! LinkedIn and social media consultants will be on site to help you craft/polish your professional profile, and this includes a brief sitting with a professional portrait photographer.  Plan ahead and bring the outfit that makes you look good.

 I'm including a few photos from the last time we were in Dallas for SAS Global Forum.  I hope that these help you to plan your packing accordingly!  Other conference veterans might add replies with their own spin on this advice -- bring it on!


It's the Moon Landing anniversary. Spacesuit optional, but advise one-per-personIt's the Moon Landing anniversary. Spacesuit optional, but advise one-per-personA crowd! Zoom in to see the variety of dress.A crowd! Zoom in to see the variety of dress.Bring your party clothes too -- for the Kickback Party!Bring your party clothes too -- for the Kickback Party!In some cases, we've been known to provide accessories.In some cases, we've been known to provide accessories.If you are a musical guest from Texas, dress the part.If you are a musical guest from Texas, dress the part.

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Obsidian | Level 7

Hello Chris
Darryl here from Cape Town, South Africa - Thanks for the tips (copy files from Windows to Unix in a schedule, etc.)
Looking forward to meeting you in person!


Systems Adminstrator:SAS

Quartz | Level 8

Thank you @ChrisHemedinger 


As a SAS Cook I was going to come prepared.  Probably a little too prepared?!

Cant wait to get cooking at SGF!

Have a great week everyone!


Zeke Torres

SAS Cook







Obsidian | Level 7

Thanks for the informative and funny dressing guide, Chris.


I also recommend Chaps  and spurs for those so inclined to move cattle in Fort Worth after the conference.  Robot Happy


Comfortable shoes are a must!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Meteorite | Level 14

Excellent tips @ChrisHemedinger!


And remembering the last SAS Global Forum in Dallas, headwear is optional... Smiley Wink


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Onyx | Level 15

Unless, of course, you're decked out in Michelle's always-fashionable koalas! Looking forward to "adopting" a new pair this year!





Meteorite | Level 14

LOVE your #SASGF attire @TomKari - a true fashionista!


Ahhhh the SASGF 2017 Florida mousey koalas... check out their Dallas look this year...



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Onyx | Level 15

I LOVE them!


I'm already telling our cats that they're going to have some new buddies to play with in a few weeks!!



Calcite | Level 5

Last time in Dallas (SGF2015), SAS handed out umbrella and it was very useful!

Fluorite | Level 6
Was the umbrella useful for sun or rain?
Calcite | Level 5

I stayed at a close by hotel and walk to the convention center everyday.  I remember it was raining a few times. 

SAS Employee

Hi folks, does anyone know what temperature will be in the Dallas Convention center? Thank you!


In the past, it's been very comfortable for business attire. Not uncommon to see guys where slacks and sport jackets all day in there. If you prefer to dress a bit lighter, then consider bringing a jacket along as well in case it's too cool. Dallas often sees dozens of days above 100F later in the summer, so the A/C system there will barely be making an effort in the spring. 


Balance that with the walk/ride in to the convention center from your hotel. Spring weather is pretty unstable there, so it could be cool, rainy, stormy, hot, muggy, or all of the above during the week of SGF.

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SAS Employee

Thanks, it is very helpful reminding.