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Fluorite | Level 6

Code Doctor BadgeCode Doctor BadgeThis badge is awarded to those people who dedicate their SAS talents to help others at SAS Global Forum work through some of the tough and, sometimes, not so tough problems that make use see red in our code!


What does a Code Doctor do?

In short, they help folks fix programming problems at the conference. Code Doctors help identify symptoms, diagnose problems and prescribe treatment for problem code or processes. It is lots of fun, you get to meet new people, and talk about programming.


We even have a residency program to help people learn the ropes of being a Code Doctor. So, what does it take to be a resident – a passion to help and educate others, a pretty good base knowledge of SAS programming, the willingness to develop that knowledge over time.

Code Doctor Residency Program Participant skills:

  1. Upper beginner to intermediate SAS coding skills; Base SAS certification and/or Advanced SAS certification a plus but not required
  2. Comfortable with examining and diagnosing code problems related to data preparation, management, and analysis
  3. Able to convey information with patience

If you are interested in working toward your own Code Doctor Badge, please complete the information at the link below.

Code Doctors Information Sign-up Link:




The early bird rate has been extended! Register by March 18 for just $695 - $100 off the standard rate.


Check out the agenda and get ready for a jam-packed event featuring workshops, super demos, breakout sessions, roundtables, inspiring keynotes and incredible networking events. 


Register now!

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