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Obsidian | Level 7

I'm not entirely comfortable with incentives for providing feedback.  It's good to publicize the app and to remind people that it it exists and that we would like them to provide feedback.  That way, the people who intend to say something will think, "Oh yeah, I need to remember to do that."  With incentives, you get into the area of people who didn't really have anything to say but are putting ratings in order to win the contest.  I don't think that tells you very much, other than what default rating people give when they don't have a real opinion.

Meteorite | Level 14

I agree with @Davanden. For feedback to be genuine, there needs to be a way to provide it easily and simply during or shortly after the presentation. If feedback incentives are involved the quality of feedback may be questionable. 

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Obsidian | Level 7

It's just an idea but maybe the Feedback Console will be a good way to provide easily and simply feedback during or shortly after the presentation. Please have a look at attached picture. A common use case for this is to discover how people feel about a particular topic. Every time people leave the room they can easily press the button and leave the vote

º no crowd - every time you leave the room you can easily press the button and vote
º no problems with the phone/the app
º everyone who participate in the session are eligible to vote
º easy to access for all of the people
º easy to access all the time (especially in the exit)


º no security (if someone press the button several times but there can be one supervisor/volunteer at the end of session)
º no fruitfull feedback - only opinion mining & statistics (how many people voted, how many were happy or not etc.)
º costs (?)

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