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Obsidian | Level 7

I am still new in SAS and trying to modelize my first probit model. I am using the following sequence of command in order to obtain my probit estimate:


proc logistic data=pop_final;

class SEX (REF="M") AGEGR (REF="3") NON_EE (REF="0")/PARAM=REF;

model SCIENCE = SEX AGEGR NON_EE / link=probit technique=newton;

ods output parameterestimates=prbparms;

output out=outprb prob=p xbeta=xbpr;



However, I would now like to replicate the margins command in STATA ( It allowed me to estimate margins of responses for specified values of covariates of a previously fit model. For example, following my probit model that estimated, in particular, the effect of changing industry of employment following a layoff, I was able to use the margin command to estimate the probability of a workers being laid-off from a specific industry to change industry in his following job.


Would someone know a command in SAS that could replicate what I was able to do with STATA?


Thank you in advance

Quartz | Level 8

You can accomplish this with the lsmeans statement in proc genmod.  There are a number of other methods to obtain marginal means in SAS.  See here for an article that shoudl help you out:

Super User

Did you mean model a conditional logistical regression ?

Check STRATA statement , and example in documentation.




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