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Calcite | Level 5
My EG project create a Hundred of TXT files in an Unix directory via EG
2 questions :
1) How can i transfer ( from eg) automatically these files from UNIX to pc by program
2) how could i do the same thing with E mail Filename
Is there any UNIX configuration issue or Windows ?

Thanks in advance
Opossum from France
Opal | Level 21

You can't unless you have also a local SAS installed (Server "local") and you also shouldn't store such files locally on your PC.
You could store these files on a network drive which is accessible from both UNIX and your PC. Whether that's possible or not depends on how your environment is set up.
You would use a filename with a UNC path and you could try if this works with a network drive already mapped on your PC. Open a dos prompt and issue command "net use". This will show you the UNC syntax for your mapped drives. Use then this UNC path (plus subpath) in the filename statement and see if it works (if the UNIX server also can access this network drive).
It also depends if processes on the SAS Server run with your user credentials or not. So it could happen that you are able to write these files via SAS but then won't be able to read them with your user (by accessing via mapped network drive on your PC).
I would recommend that you give it a go with one file - and if it doesn't work then ask your SAS Admin how to do it.

2) Should be a simple filename with email engine as documented.
Running "Proc Options group=email; run;" will give you the detail how and if email is set-up in your environment.

Calcite | Level 5
Thenk you much for your quick and clear answer
I will try
t 'ill tell you more
O Possum


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