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I was looking for applying box plot for multiple variables on the same graph, I am unaware if this procedure is possible. If yes! please let me know how I can perform.


I also have another query. I need to execute a qq pot for varibles. please let me know how I can execute this on sas eminer and sas enterprise guide.


Thank you,


SAS Employee

Hello Prajna-


In Enterprise Miner, you can use a SAS Code node to run PROC UNIVARIATE to get the plots.  Here is a tip from our Communities page.  


Tip: Saving ODS Graphics in a SAS Code Node


Below, I modified the code from that tip for you in a way that you can use to create a normal probability plot.


 - Connect a SAS Code node after the Regression node (or after the Metadata node).

 - Select the Code Editor property.

 - Enter this code:



%let name = npplot;

%let type= PDF;

%let description = my normal probability plot;


%em_register(key=&name, type=FILE, extension=&type);


ods &type file="&&em_user_&name";



/* put code here that you use to generate ODS graphics */

ods graphics on;

ods graphics;

proc univariate data=&EM_IMPORT_DATA plot normal;

   var r_:;




ods graphics off;

/* end of code for ODS graphics */


ods &type close;

%em_report(key=&name, block=MODEL, viewtype=FILEVIEWER, autodisplay=Y, description=&description);


 - Close the Code Editor window.

 - Run the node.  View the results.  A PDF is created with the PROC UNIVARIATE results.


Here is documentation about PROC UNIVARIATE in case you want to make any customizations.


Base SAS(R) 9.4 Procedures Guide: Statistical Procedures, Second Edition 


Have a good week!




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