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Calcite | Level 5

I use SAS EG (4.3) to connect to our SAS AIX server running 9.2.  I wanted to access data from Midas Plus (a Xerox product used in healthcare).  SAS EG can access these data using the ODBC connection on my PC (the KB_SQL ODBC driver).  But it is suggested that the SAS server connect to Midas server for large amounts of data and better control via programming.

I used EG to basically copy tables into the project.  This is not ideal.  I was told by our SAS Unix Admin that there is no way to connect Midas Plus (32 bit) with our 64 bit AIX SAS server directly.  Is this correct?  A 64bit SAS server cannot use SAS/Access and ODBC to connect to our Midas server?  If my SAS UNIX administrator is correct I will continue to drag data into my EG Projects.  But I feel that this connectivity should exist, that the SAS/Access product we have on the AIX machine which connects us to Teradata, DB2 and Oracle, can be adjusted to include ODBC.  Does anyone know if this is possible?


I did a quick Google search on the KB_SQL ODBC driver and it appears to work on Windows only. If this is correct and there is no other compatible ODBC driver that will work on AIX then I suspect your SAS Unix Admin is right.

Opal | Level 21

To add to

The Midas Plus homepage Integrated Medical Software and Solutions for Hospital Administrative Data Analysis has unfortunately a purely marketing focus and doesn't provide technical information.

This is not about the SAS/Access to ODBC engine but about what ODBC drivers Midas provides in order for any other application to connect to it - and it appears there isn't any for AIX 64bit.


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