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Dear Folks,


                 In our organization we were using DF Power studio 8.2 . Currently we are migrating it to Data Mangement Studio 2.7. One of the existing job in DF Power studio 8.2  has cluster update node which is deprecated in Data Mangement Studio 2.7 . Guys Please suggest me to achieve the same functionality of Cluster update node in Data Mangement Studio 2.7.

SAS Employee

For a quick demo of this functionality, check out this short video.

It is true that the Clustering Update node is no longer in Data Management Studio. However, the Clustering node provides the same capabilities. In fact, the two nodes were nearly identical, which is why the Clustering Update node was deprecated. In both nodes you are required to run the same clustering rules in both the first and subsequent data processes. You are also required to append any new data you want to cluster to the end of the original data that had already been processed. Both need to reprocess the combined existing and added data at the same time.

Using the Clustering node in newer versions of Data Management Studio will provide the same functionality as the deprecated node. You only need to make minor adjustments to the data job to accommodate the different node. You will still get repeatable cluster identifiers on subsequent runs of the job if the data input and the configuration parameters stay the same. Added data will receive new cluster identifiers or will be merged into existing clusters if the clustering criteria dictates.

Calcite | Level 5

Hi Ronagrestra,

                        Thanks for your reply. I have tried the solution provided by you. But I am not able to preserve historical  cluster id. It is creating new cluster for historical cluster id. Is there any way or option to do the same.

SAS Employee

You might find some helpful information in the Clustering Node topic of the DataFlux Data Management Studio 2.7: User Guide:

Use the Search function under the Table of Contents to locate the Clustering Node topic. 


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