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Calcite | Level 5

We are operating in a multi-level environment -- DEV, CERT and PROD. We have found many configuration control issues when migrating workbench changes from DEV to CERT and then into PROD. The issues were significant enough that we had to rebuild our tenants in DEV and CERT. What I need to know is if the Strategic Planner Module has specific requirements with regard to migration, for example must migrations occur from DEV to CERT to PROD in order to ensure the database or the tenant does not get corrupted? If there are migration considerations, what are they?

Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @s_kaymon,


I do not have experience with that specific tool, but I would answer you that, since it is a solution, and based on Common Data Model, the chance is very high that, yes, you will need to consider impact in external systems, such as databases.


My best suggestions for you:


1- Please read the system administration and migration guides

2- If you have more specific questions, or still something unclear, please post the question in the Customer Intelligence Community. I am sure @BeverlyBrown would be happy to help you with it. This is the link:

3- And, what would help you for sure, since you might consider all the specifics from your environment: in case of doubt, always contact SAS Technical Support.


Hope it helps,


Kind regards,


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