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I'm using sas customer intelligence 360
These are the steps  I did:
1-Tagging my site
2-Accepting the domain
3-Creating events spots creatives tasks and they works.
The problem is that I can't collect customer data like customer email username, age, and so on . Because I don't have this informations even in the Insights they doesn't exist.
So I wonder is there any thing to define to start collecting the data .

I hope someone can help me and me and give some guide to start solving this issue
Thank you
Best Regards

SAS Employee



I think demographic information like name, age, and so on would need to come from a few different places.


(User's guide links below are protected by a passcode; your SAS representative should be able to provide it if you don't already know it.)


  • You can import that data from CSV file, if you have collected it with another system. See Importing Data in the user's guide.

  • You can collect it from identity events that you define. You would need a survey form, login page, profile page, or a similar way for your end-users to submit this information. CI 360 could then use this information to build an ID for each user of your site. See this topic: Creating Identity Definitions.

    I would also recommend reading the entire section about identities: Managing Customer Identities.


After you have identity definitions or other demographic data in your system, you can create segments that you can use in tasks to deliver targeted content.


If you have any more question, please feel free to ask. Or, your SAS representative should be able to provide support if you need more direct assistance.



SAS Employee

In addition to the suggestions @Will_F_SAS had about how you can upload or identify customers, you should also look at the collection rules and settings related to CI 360 Discover. "Collecting data" sounds to me like you're looking to capture form inputs, which requires configuration settings to be configured under General Settings > Form Data, and then when you download the Discover data, the FORM_DETAIL and related tables will have what you captured.

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