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SAS  Explore on-demand

SAS Explore in September was a fantastic event, and it is so great to be back on track with in-person events and traveling with our Nordic customers to Las Vegas.

We got excited about the announcements from the stage on Generative AI, SAS Viya Workbench, and SAS App Factory. Watch the SAS Explore sessions on-demand.


SAS  Innovate 2024

The SAS Innovate event in Las Vegas 2024 will combine Users, Executives, and Partners and is The SAS Global event in 2024, taking over from SAS Explore, SAS Amplify, and SAS Innovate for Execs. You can start by saving the 16-19 April dates and be the first to know when the registration launches.


SAS is not doing its usual Call for papers this year, but we can suggest Customer/Partner presentations on stage in Vegas. If YOU have a topic/a case You would like us to suggest, don't hesitate to get in touch with us (Pietari Koskela (FI), Pia Rønnevik (Norway), Daniel Rinvqvist (Sweden), or Frans Holm (Denmark) before November 10. 

FANS Networks and Christmas Events in the Nordics

Plan for the few and remaining FANS Network Meetings coming up until Christmas. The Christmas events are usually popular, so get your seat.
Go here to the schedule and to register.


SAS Programmer Shortcuts” webinar

Join the webinar “SAS Programmer Shortcuts” webinar on October 31 at 11.00 CET. Register here.


New Customer Portal with self-service options and support

The new customer portal opens an exciting new frontier for SAS, and we plan to explore ways to continually enhance your customer experience and help you maximize the benefits of our software.


Please take the time to read this blog post, The new customer experience is here to become familiar with the portal and resources to help you take advantage of it. The blog also lets you know how to get help if needed.


As part of our mission to provide you with many self-service options as well as top-notch support, we frequently update resources via these sites:


Link to the New Customer Portal





If you have questions or input, please get in touch with us.

Frans Holm, Pietari Koskela, Daniel Ringqvist,
Pia Skare Rønnevik & Bettina Stibolt

Look at the FANS program and events for Nordic SAS users! Network meetings, Platform Overview, Ask the Expert webinars, Nordic Newsletter, SAS Analytics Explorers, and campaigns. | #SASFANS #sasnordicusers


Thanks for this update about SAS Innovate 2024 not having a Call for Papers from the SAS user community. I hope SAS will share that message broadly, as I and others were anticipating the usual solicitation for user-contributed content. I look forward to learning more about the contents and structure of SAS Innovate 2024.

Check out the Boston Area SAS Users Group (BASUG) video archives:

re SAS Innovate 2024, just saw posted on LinkedIn that there is a suggestion form where you can submit presentation suggestions: closes December 15.



Check out the Boston Area SAS Users Group (BASUG) video archives:
Meteorite | Level 14

Thanks for sharing @Quentin

The link you shared doesn’t load for me so I looked for the LinkedIn post and saw this one works

//Contact me to learn how Metacoda software can help keep your SAS platform secure -

Thanks @MichelleHomes , I had a comma in the URL.  I updated it.  I think it's the same place your shorter link redirects too.  Or perhaps that guid-looking thing in the URL I posted is just for me, and I'll get credit for any submissions that come in via that link. 😀

Check out the Boston Area SAS Users Group (BASUG) video archives:



Registration is open! SAS is returning to Vegas for an AI and analytics experience like no other! Whether you're an executive, manager, end user or SAS partner, SAS Innovate is designed for everyone on your team. Register for just $495 by 12/31/2023.

If you are interested in speaking, there is still time to submit a session idea. More details are posted on the website. 

Register now!

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