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Which Open-Source Packages are included in SAS Viya for Learners?

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Are you an academic using SAS Viya for Learners (VFL) wondering, “what open-source packages are part of SAS Viya for Learners”?  Perhaps you’re a lover of both SAS and Python and R – and want to know if your favorite open-source tools are already configured on VFL.  Or you’re new to SAS – and would still like to use some of your go-to analytical tools in a Jupyter Notebook, while leveraging the multitenancy + cloud environment of VFL. Well, then this library article is for you.


We’ll start our journey right after launching SAS Viya for Learners – and I’ll demo on SAS VFL3.5.  From SAS Drive, you’ll find the launch Jupyter icon is the bottom-middle of the webpage:



Click that button to launch Jupyter in a new browser.  Then examine the “Launcher” options:



Let’s focus on the Python packages first because, well, it’s listed first.  Click on the Python 3 icon to launch a Python Notebook:



You’re now one step away from the answer!


Type help("modules") into the command line and then run the cell as follows:



Scroll through the output just a little bit, and you’ll find the list of all Python packages available in VFL:



The list goes on and on – so happy scrolling and I hope that your package is there!


The process is very similar for R.  Find the New Launcher button in the upper right-hand corner:



Select the R Notebook is this iteration:



Your R command is now: installed.packages().  Submit the command after typing this in:



And just like that, you have a fun list of R packages to read through:



One outstanding, logical question is this: what if your favorite Python or R package is not included in the pre-installed VFL environment?  Can you easily add the package?


Unfortunately, the answer to that is no.  To ensure the stability of VFL, as well as a good experience for all users, only SAS administrators can install new open-source packages.  And while we can take your recommendations for new content, there is no guarantee that we can fulfill that request.  Sorry!


These SAS Community Posts were part of a larger effort to support student engagement in the 2023 SAS Hackathon.  Please find the full series below:


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