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SAS® Enterprise Miner™ can build credit scorecards

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Some retailers hire third party companies to build credit scorecards. Credit Scoring for SAS® Enterprise Miner™ allows you to build credit scoring models in-house, saving time and money. Not to mention the fact that keeping the process in-house allows the subject matter experts themselves to build more effective models.


But how do you do it? I want to call your attention to a technical white paper that provides a thorough background on the process.


Building Credit Scorecards using Credit Scoring for SAS® Enterprise Miner details many benefits of this approach. The paper describes:


  • Core concepts
  • The importance of bringing this work in-house
  • The process in SAS® Enterprise Miner™ and how it fits into the larger credit scoring process
  • The selection of the right model
  • A case study where an application scoring model is built and evaluated, from beginning to end


If you use credit scorecards, I thought you’d find this paper helpful. You may also want to check out this SAS Global Forum 2013 paper, Creating Interval Target Scorecards with Credit Scoring for SAS® Enterprise Miner™.


Good Read

Hello! I have a problem..

In the Miner and Credit Scoring license:

With financial data, we created a credit scoring model. At last we arrived was the Scorecard. What we want now with the data of another month of the same financial, evaluate the model, evaluate the % correct prediction. And to see the ID of each person's financial, evaluate the result of credit scoring with what really happened. you could help me?


Hi! I'm cross posting this tip with relevant discussion:

How to build a scorecard using Credit Scoring for SAS® Enterprise Miner™


thanks Anna!

Sure thing nicopalacios!

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