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An Insider's Guide to SAS and Database Support Information

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To be honest, I get tired of looking for this information. Hopefully, this will help people other than me, too. Documenting the systems requirements links is a work in progress; I intend to add to it as time goes on. Feel free to request additions in the comment section.


If you are interested in Hadoop, it is important to understand the following statement from the SAS Support for Alternative Releases of Hadoop Distributions :

Unless otherwise noted, SAS only supports minor releases within the documented major release.

The above statement only applies to Hadoop. Other databases are supported at later major releases.


For information regarding SAS and Hadoop systems requirements


Here are the Systems Requirements for database access:


Configuration Information for database access:


If your database is on the cloud or a variant of an existing SAS supported database you will want to take a look at the SAS 9.4 Cloud and Database Variants page


Keep in mind; data access documentation is in two places (SAS/ACCESS engine and SAS Data Connector): SAS/ACCESS and SAS Data Connectors


Using the previous link here is how to find the SAS/ACCESS (SAS Programming Runtime Environment - Classic SAS/ACCESS) doc:




Here is how to find the SAS Data Connector doc (SAS CAS programming):






This is AWESOME Jeff!


It would be cool to have a quick link to a short list (or exhaustive, LOL!) of DBMS "Gotcha's"...Maybe one for General and one for DBMS Specific...Thoughts?

Hi @reprui 


This is a great idea. I am actually working on an article like this for Snowflake. Stay tuned! I will try to make it a habit and add more.


Best wishes,


  Very helpful.  I will share with others.

Thank you, @dnew. I appreciate it.


Best wishes,

Hi @JBailey ,


I'm looking for SAS/Access performance comparison in other DB like you've done with snowflake.

Please advice where i can find it.






I have checked all SAS chats and communities, but I found nothing. perhaps you are interested to the article:




Hi @Charoon_c,

I am no longer with SAS. I only had my account restored a few months ago. 

Best wishes,

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