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A SAS Macro to Interface SAS and R

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I once had occasion to use SAS and R together to analyze data and report on my findings. I found that switching between the two disparate computing environments manually was cumbersome, so I investigated the possibility of combining SAS and R into a unified platform. The result was a SAS macro, %SUBMIT_R, that would apply R commands to a SAS dataset and essentially replicate the results of the SAS/IML submit/R code block.


I have attached the paper describing the use of the %SUBMIT_R macro as well as the macro itself. By using the %SUBMIT_R macro, you can obtain the same results as if you used the SAS/IML submit/R capability.


Good stuff.  I suspect @rogerjdeangelis will be interested in this approach.

Many thanks, just what I was looking for (as our department has no SAS/IML in their license).

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