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Hi there,


1) Why there was strict limitation in time in second reservation after starting course SAS Viya Overview ? I could choose 3 hours as maximum time slot.

2) Can I allocate additional time in VLRS to keep going studying after previous reservation was finished?


I see just: "At this time, you have no Virtual Lab time left." and there is no clue about how many hours/days should I wait for getting resources back again.


If I missed some information in docs, please kindly provide me appropriate links.


Thank you for quick response in advance.

SAS Employee



All of our Viya practice labs are hosted in Azure, so there is an expense associated with them. There are 10 hours of lab time provided with the SAS Viya Overview class. The default amount of hours you can choose is 3, but there is a drop down to choose another reservation length.  You can make as many reservations as you'd like in 1 hour increments. It may be that if you are only able to select 3 more hours, you have used up 7 hours already.  


If you would like to purchase additional lab time, click on the Extended Learning - SAS Viya Overview link in the course page, and in the upper right block will be an option to purchase more lab time. It’s $75 for 15 hours. If you have additional questions or issues, take a look at the "View the Documentation" link  or you can reach out to EDU tech support at


Hope this helps!






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