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Quartz | Level 8

I used to be able to book free sessions to have a live call with a sas specialist to answer questions about how to use SAS etc. but I cannot find this anymore. It used to be in the learning area by the training modules. Is it still available and where is this located? 


I want to give feedback about the sas website in general, as well. It is probably the worst and most disorganized website I have ever come across. I simply cannot find anything I am looking for and is full of information, sales pages and links that I can't even understand. 

In the past, we ran a beta program called "office hours", on a limited basis and only offered to a limited number of students. The session was designed for previous Programming 1 and Programming 2 students. This was part of a special Marketing program and is not available at the present time.
I am sorry you cannot find anything on the SAS.COM web site. You are correct that SAS.COM is related more to marketing and usage and purchase information.
We recommend for training and usage questions that you look on the web site, which is where the documentation is hosted and where all the class descriptions are. The site is how to you get to your My Training page to enter a class. If you want to provide feedback on our web site or on our e-learning classes, then the best place to send feedback is to email .
If you have questions specifically related to certification exams, then the best place to send feedback is to email .
If you have specific questions about Programming 1 and Programming 2 content, then this forum is one place where you can post your specific questions related to those courses. Or, if you have questions related to Programming 1 or Programming 2 that you do not want to post here, then you can always send mail to
SAS Employee



Here are a variety of other resources that might help:


Ask the Expert Webinars


Free Online Training


You can also attend the free SAS Programmer Week. September 13th to September 17th. 


Hope this helps!


- Peter


Quartz | Level 8
i found it already. neither of these was what i was looking for.



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