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what is the course code of SAS Programming 1: Essential? I am not able to download SAS enterprise without it.


The course code for Programming 1 is EPG1V2 for the eLearning version. Can you clarify what you are trying to accomplish? Are you taking the Programming 1 course and trying to get access to SAS software? Or do you already have access to SAS and are trying to access the data for the Programming 1 course?

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Course code to download Enterprise Guide? I'm not 100% what you are trying to do.


Go to this link: and select the Start button under e-learning. Programming 1 is free.

PG1 Start.png


To use SAS for free I highly recommend using SAS On Demand for Academics. It's all cloud based and no installation required. You can sign up here:


Hope this helps.

- Peter

Hi: When you ask for a course code, it sounds like you might be working on the SAS OnDemand for Academics server, which requires a course code to use advanced software like Forecast Server, Enterprise Guide and Enterprise Miner. but those course codes are different from the Programming 1 course code (EPG1V2).

The Programming 1 course code will not allow you to download either Enterprise Guide or Enterprise Miner. There are just 2 demos in the Programming 1 class that use SAS Enterprise Guide. All the other demos in class use SAS Studio. There are a few activities that explicitly tell SAS Studio students that they should NOT try to do the Enterprise Guide activity. All the code in class can be practiced using SAS Studio on the SAS OnDemand for Academics server. SAS Enterprise Guide is typically a corporate purchase and not usually available for independent use on the SAS OnDemand server. If you want to learn the basics of SAS and you are using SAS OnDemand for Academics, your best interface as a beginner is to use SAS Studio, which is the newest browser-based interface and the one we recommend for the Programming 1 and Programming 2 classes.



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