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Obsidian | Level 7



i am new to the proc sql in sas. my dataset like this:

Obs id area year
5818 1 NEW YORK 2020
5819 1 NEW YORK 2021
5820 1 NEWARK 2020
5821 1 NEWARK 2021

i try to group them by id, year and area and i used the following code:

i think i supposed to get only two records but instead, i still got the 4 records. i can't figure out what's wrong with this code. 
proc sql;
create table data.clientematga2
as select distinct, a.area, a.year
from data.clientematga a
group by euci42, ematga , a.year;



Tourmaline | Level 20

What does your log say?


Hard to say without seeing representative data. You have columns in your group by clause that do not appear in your posted data.

Diamond | Level 26

i try to group them by id, year and area and i used the following code:

The data is already grouped by id, area and year, but you want id, year and area? Is that it? This is simply a sort of the data


proc sort data=have;
    by id year area;
Paige Miller
Lapis Lazuli | Level 10 fja
Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Good evening!
The "select distinct" refers to uniqueness in all columns given as an argument, in your case id, year, area ...
Now as I see four different (distinct) combinations in the sample provided by you, why do you expect 2 rows?

Super User
group by euci42, ematga , a.year

What is contained in these variables? Why do you use GROUP BY without a summary function (SAS SQL will automatically convert this to ORDER BY)? Why do you use variables in the GROUP BY which are not contained in your SELECT?

GROUP BY is used to calculate summary statistics for the groups, not for simple re-ordering.


Please post usable example data in a data step with datalines, and the expected result.

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