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z='2019-10-23 00:00:00.000000'


I am trying to insert this value character value  2019-10-23 00:00:00.000000  by putting in a macro variable x in to a sql server table


call symput ('x',z)


the column that i am ineserting is OP_DATO which is defined as datetime2(6) in sql server 


when i am inserting through sas 9.4 i am getting this error 


Value 1 on the SELECT clause does not match the data type of the corresponding column listed after the INSERT table name


Is this a problem with SAS 9.4 because it was working with SAS 9.2 .what is the solution for sas 9.4



If it used to work before then check the order of the variables in your data set when compared with the order of the values in the insert statement, as described in:


If that is not the solution then please post the code you are using with some example data that can be inserted into an example data set.





When I did a web search for the error message you posted, the 2nd link I found looks like it might be of help - "Problem Note 62503: An error is returned when you try to add datetime values to an SQL Server table using a libref with SAS/ACCESS® Interface to OLE DB":




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