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Calcite | Level 5



I am trying to see the different functionality of SAS. And I just started learning SAS. Using trial SAS (ONLINE--in WINDOWS) 


I defined a filename as

filename cells 'D:\SAS\lwmask0_12US2.txt';

When I tried running the code, I am getting the following error:

ERROR: Physical file does not exist, 


I checked :

File exists in D:\SAS

File can be opened in notepad

File is not open anywhere when running SAS

I tried changing slash  \  to /

 But nothing works.


Why I see a Linux file path?. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Super User

The SAS you use runs on an Azure instance in the cloud, on a virtual Linux server. It does not have any access to your local drive.

But the SAS Studio applet in your browser can do this, and you must use it to upload the file to the SAS server.

After uploading (the "up" error), a right click on the uploaded file will reveal the path you must use.

Calcite | Level 5

So, I uploaded files to my folder in the SAS. Then I tried to run the code.


Now it says "is not in the list of the accessible path"


Please see the screenshots:




Is that error because I am using TRIAL version?


Thanks in advance

Super User

This looks like a message when SAS is in lockdown state. But I would think that a path in your home directory should be made accessible. Get in touch with the administrators responsible for the virtual server.

Calcite | Level 5

Okay, I found out the issue. I was uploading files to another location. But when I uploaded files to /SAS Server/Home, it works.


However, I am trying to upload a big file ( > 700 MB), but it looks like the file size limit is only 100 MB. Is it because of the Trial version?.






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