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Fluorite | Level 6

I have a data set currently i am working on.. 


I have found this community very helpful in solving my problems. Hnece, I am posting another question. 


I have various columns in this data set. One of the columns is HospitalDay and the other Is MethadoneStartDate. 

Both these columns have numbers in them ranging from -10 to 100.. 


My question si I want to create a  new column called Methadone. The new column should have a 1 IF the value in Methadonestart date <HospitalDay. However, 

I am having a hard time creating an If then statement for this . I think the issue is the hospitalday column has every row filled with a digit, but the methadone start date has a bunch of empty rows with Dots (.) as not everyone got methadone .


How can i solve this? 

Onyx | Level 15

A dot(.) in numeric variable in SAS means "missing value", e.g.

data test;
  a = 17;
  b = 42;
  c = .;

this will create a data set Test with 3 variables, a, b, and c, but c will have missing value.


In SAS, in comparison expressions a missing value is considered to be "less than any number", so in the IF expressions like:

  if c<a then ...
  if c<b then ..

both will be evaluated as true.


So if you have data like this:

data have;
  input HospitalDay MethadoneStartDate;
20 50
50 20
20 .

the last observation in the code like this:

data want;
  set have;
  if MethadoneStartDate < HospitalDay then Methadone = 1;
                                      else Methadone = 0;

will be evaluated to true and Methadone will be set to 1.


You need to add some additional test MethadoneStartDate to be not missing, e.g.;

data want;
  set have;
  if . < MethadoneStartDate < HospitalDay then Methadone = 1;
                                          else Methadone = 0;

In this case condition says: MethadoneStartDate must be greater than missing value (which means to be non missing) and smaller than HospitalDay.


Hope it helps.









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