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Fluorite | Level 6
Hi everyone,
It is an unusual question, I dont know if this is the right forum.

I need to study 16 chapers, one chapter a day. My strategy is to revise 3 times. Hence I have 48 days.

How can I optimize my schedule to achieve following:

1> Revise a chapter sooner to retain more
2> Complete the entire 16 chapters the first time as fast as possible

I appreciate all your help.


SAS Employee
The optimal solution for this depends on how important the two objectives are for you.

If they are equally important, my guess is that the optimal solution is trivial:

"Study all the chapters in some order, then repeat the same order twice."

Thinking about it, maybe the order in each iteration does not even matter, depending on how we count "Revise chapter earlier". Some options would be: Sum, Arithmetic mean, median of days between chapter revisions.

One could write a MIP model with OPTMODEL, I guess. The constraints are no problem, but the objectives are a little messy, depending on what option above we choose.


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