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Quartz | Level 8

Hi all -


I want to draw a time line plot, the x-axis is start and stop times, and y-axis is id, each id has three rows of observations (activity), the data set looks like this:


 id  activity start000 stop000 start001 stop001 start002 stop002 start003 stop003 

1   work     0:23       0:54      1:20        1:34        2:25       2:40       3:43       3:54

1   rounds  0:43      0:50       1:12        1:45       2:32        2:45      3:21       3:32

1   edu       0:10       0:43      1:23        1:28      2:03        2:55       3:08       3:43

2  work                                  1:43        1:50                                   3:23      3:26

2  rounds                                                           2:45        3:54

2  edu                                                                                             3:10       3:55


I found a link using proc gplot to draw this graph, I tried the code but did not work very well. The sample graph and code is attached here (😞


 /* Set the graphics environment */
goptions reset=all cback=white border htitle=12pt htext=10pt;  

 /* Create a sample data set */
data a;
   input Material $ Start Stop Linetype;
A 4 7 1
B 1 6 2
C 3 9 1
D 2 8 2
E 1 7 1

 /* Create the annotate data set to use with */
 /* PROC GPLOT.                              */
data anno;
   length function color $8;
   retain xsys ysys '2' size 2 color 'vibg';
   set a;
   x=start; yc=Material; 
   x=stop; yc=Material; 

axis1 order=(0 to 10) label=('Start - Stop') minor=none;
symbol1 interpol=none value=none;

 /* Add a title to the graph */
title1 'Time Line';

 /* Create the graph using the ANNO= */
 /* option on the PLOT statement.    */
proc gplot data=a;
   plot Material*stop / anno=anno haxis=axis1;

I think the main problem right now is that my time format is exact time, not exact number like from 0 to 10, and I have 

mutiple start and stop time varibles. 


Do you have ideas on how to draw the graph?



Fluorite | Level 6 fy1
Fluorite | Level 6

Hi Panda,


To create the annotate data seem to be the right way to draw the timeline,  but you might need to change your data shape like start and stop 


id activity start stop

1  work        xx:xx1  yy:yy1

1  work        xx:xx2  yy:yy2

1  rounds     xx:xx3  yy:yy3





create three annotate datasets by activity and then put them together.


change the axis statement like following: 


Axis1 order=('00:00:00't to '24:00:00't by 3600) ;


it would draw  bunch of dash lines for the subjects and their activity if they have multiple sessions.   



good luck





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