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Lapis Lazuli | Level 10 tc
Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Memorial DayMemorial Day

* Memorial Day 2020;

data cross;                   * Create points for cross;
color=.;                      * 10x10 base (no color);
x=0;  y=0;  z=-.01; output; 
x=10; y=0;  z=-.01; output;
x=0;  y=10; z=-.01; output;
x=10; y=10; z=-.01; output;
color=1;                      * 1=Light grey;
x=4.5; y=4.5; z=0;    output; * 3D cross vertices;
x=5.5; y=4.5; z=0;    output;
x=4.5; y=5.5; z=0;    output;
x=5.5; y=5.5; z=0;    output;
x=4.5; y=5.5; z=10.5; output;
x=5.5; y=5.5; z=10.5; output;
x=4.5; y=7.5; z=10.5; output;
x=5.5; y=7.5; z=10.5; output;
x=4.5; y=7.5; z=12;   output;
x=5.5; y=7.5; z=12;   output;
x=4.5; y=5.5; z=12;   output;
x=5.5; y=5.5; z=12;   output;
x=4.5; y=5.5; z=17;   output;
x=5.5; y=5.5; z=17;   output;
x=4.5; y=4.5; z=17;   output;
x=5.5; y=4.5; z=17;   output;
x=4.5; y=4.5; z=12;   output;
x=5.5; y=4.5; z=12;   output;
x=4.5; y=2.5; z=12;   output;
x=5.5; y=2.5; z=12;   output;
x=4.5; y=2.5; z=10.5; output;
x=5.5; y=2.5; z=10.5; output;
x=4.5; y=4.5; z=10.5; output;
x=5.5; y=4.5; z=10.5; output;
x=4.5; y=4.5; z=0;    output; 
x=5.5; y=4.5; z=0;    output;
x=4.5; y=5.5; z=0;    output;
x=5.5; y=5.5; z=0;    output;

proc template;                * Use GTL to draw 3D cross;
define statgraph cross;
layout overlay3d / cube=false xaxisopts=(display=none) yaxisopts=(display=none) zaxisopts=(display=none);
surfaceplotparm x=x y=y z=z / surfacetype=fill colorresponse=color colormodel=(lightgrey);

proc sgrender data=cross template=cross;



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