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Obsidian | Level 7

     Hi all-

I have a custom panel graph that I'm running in SAS 9.3 (code below)

proc template;

     define statgraph AnnotatedPanel ;

          dynamic   __BYLINE__











                    _cellLPct ;

          begingraph ;

               EntryTitle _TitleText ;

               EntryTitle __BYLINE__ / textattrs = (size = GraphLabelText:fontsize) ;

               layout datalattice  rowvar    = _RowVar

                                   columnvar = _ColVar /  

                              Rows                = 6

                                                            Columns             = 5

                                                            HeaderLabelDisplay  = namevalue

                                                            Inset               = (_cellN _cellGPct _cellLPct)

                                                            InsetOpts           = (  autoalign       = (TopLeft BottomRight)

                                                                                                  border          = false

                                                                                                               opaque          = false

                                                                                                  textattrs       = (size = 8pt))   

                                                            ColumnAxisOpts      = (  label           = _ColLabel

                                                                                                              linearopts      = ( viewmin = 0))

                                                            RowAxisOpts         = (  label           = _RowLabel

                                                                                                              griddisplay     = on

                                                                                                              display         = (label ticks tickvalues)) ;

                    layout prototype / wallcolor = lightgrey ;

                         SeriesPlot     X = _IndVar

                                        Y = _DepVar    /    group     = _GroupVar lineattrs = (color = red) datatransparency = 0.6 ;

                    endLayout ;

               endlayout ;

          endgraph ;

     end ;

run ;

The INSET allows me to include the N represented in each panel, as well as the percent that that represents of the overall total sample.

One thing I'd like to be able to do is specify the WALLCOLOR of each panel to correspond to the relative sample volume. For example, maybe panels will less than 1% are white, and between 1 and 5% they're light gray, and 5-10% are medium gray, and over 10% are dark gray. Basically, I want the panels to represent a macro heat map under the series plots.

Is this even possible?


Accepted Solutions
Meteorite | Level 14

While this is not supported directly, the layering architecture allows you some creative work arounds.  The simple way is to just color the scatter markers themselves by a gradient using obs count with Markercolorgradient.


To get a ramp color background, you can add a bubble plot behind the scatters.


You can also use the RangeAttrMap to control the ramp color.

In bubbleplot case, the data has only one (x,y) point per cell, so only one bubble is plotted.  Since bubble is very large ( to cover the region), you have to set the axis offsets back to a smaller value.

In both cases, the height of ramp legend is not ideal.  I'll see what we can do about that.

Sample code with made up values for obs count is attached.

Meteorite | Level 14

Found a way.  Add padding to bottom of the legend.  PAD=(Bottom=58px) does the trick.


Obsidian | Level 7

Thanks Sanjay! This worked great. It took some doing for sure, but I finally got it.

I would add, you really can't stress the importance of the offset specifications enough. Without that, the graph didn't work at all!



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