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Fluorite | Level 6

I am using GTL to define a custom graph that I render into a PDF.  Now I need to write a memo in MSWord, and I want to embed one of the graphs in the document.  It seemed natural to me to grab the .png file that SAS created and embed it in my Word document, since Word is good at that.  But although my PDF contains a graph that is formatted with a journal style (which is greyscale), the .png file is very colorful.

Any ideas how to get the style to apply to the .png?

(That's not my actual goal.  My goal is to embed a graph in a Word document, the way ODS embedded my graphs in a PDF.  If you have a way to do that that will use the journal style, I'm happy to have your reply as well.)

ods graphics on / width=10in height=7.5in border=off antialiasmax=10000 discretemax=10000 imagename="&imagefn";    

ods pdf style=journal file="&PDFOutFile" dpi=200 bookmarkgen=no ;    

options nodate;    

proc sgrender data=TimeLine template=ImbalancePlot;        


ods pdf close;    

ods graphics off;


Accepted Solutions
Meteorite | Level 14

Use STYLE=JOURNAL on your ODS RTF or ODS LISTING destination statements.

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Meteorite | Level 14

Use STYLE=JOURNAL on your ODS RTF or ODS LISTING destination statements.

Fluorite | Level 6

I don't have ODS RTF or ODS LISTING statements, but I'll add them and see what happens.


I removed ODS PDF and added

    ods listing style=journal image_dpi=200 ;

and it worked.

Sanjay: can you explain why "ODS PDF style=journal" creates a color .png file while ODS LISTING style=journal" creates a b&w .png file?

And can anyone explain why cut & paste don't work on these forums?? 



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