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I am trying to add a tip label to a chart using sgplot in 9.4 in a similar fashion to gchart's html= option. The issue is that I don't want a tip label or the resulting equal sign to show up in the tip because I have the desired text in a variable called 'myhtml'. Please advise.


data _state_data; 
	set _state_data;
        length myhtml $ 250;
        myhtml=trim(left(unique_cases))||" Cases in "||trim(left(state));

title1 justify=center h=1.5 font=swiss "eConsult Cases By State" lspace=0;

ods html;
ods graphics/imagemap=on;

proc sgplot data=_state_data nowall noborder DESCRIPTION="" ;
  styleattrs datacolors=(%rgbhex(140, 185, 202) %rgbhex(19, 85, 137));
  vbar state / response=unique_cases nostatlabel nooutline 
  dataskin=pressed filltype=gradient baselineattrs=(thickness=0) 
  name="plot2"  tip=(myhtml) tiplabel=("");

  keylegend / location=outside position=topright across=2 noborder 
  valueattrs=(size=8 color=black);
  xaxis fitpolicy=thin display=all valueattrs=(size=8 color=black) integer 
   minor ;

  yaxis grid display=(noline noticks nolabel noline) valueattrs=(size=6  
  color=black) discreteorder=data;
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