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Lapis Lazuli | Level 10 tc
Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

GIF Xmas Tree, GIF Xmas Tree...GIF Xmas Tree, GIF Xmas Tree...


A quick 2020 SAS ODS Graphics take on a neat 2016 Christmas card by Designjunction. Happy Holidays!


* Fun w/SAS ODS Graphics: GIF Xmas Tree, GIF Xmas Tree...
  An ODS Graphics take on a 2016 Xmas card by Designjunction at;
data tree;
do frame=0 to .95 by .05;                                                * Create 20 frames of scrolling bars (GIF will repeat);
  px=-10; py=16.5; output; px=10;py=-2.5; output; px=.;py=.;             * Set upper left, lower right bounds of data;
  do p=14.5 to .5 by -1;                                                 * White diagonal bars;
    id+1; y=p; x=-5; output; y=y-.3; x=5; output; y=y-.5; output; y=p-.5; x=-5; output;   
  id=.; x=.; y=.;
  do p=(16.5-frame) to (-.5-frame) by -1;                                * Red horizontal bars;
    sid+1; sy=p; sx=-8; output; sx=8; output; sy=p-.5; output; sx=-8; output;
proc template;                                                           * Define chart;
define statgraph xmas;
layout overlayequated / xaxisopts=(offsetmin=0.001 offsetmax=0.001 display=none) 
                        yaxisopts=(offsetmin=0.001 offsetmax=0.001 display=none) walldisplay=none;
scatterplot x=px y=py / markerattrs=(size=0);                            * "Dummy" plot - set up chart bounds;
beginpolygon x=0 y=15 / drawspace=datavalue display=(fill) fillAttrs=(color=green) layer=back; 
             draw x=5 y=0; draw x=-5 y=0; endpolygon;                    * Draw static Xmas tree (triangle);
polygonplot x=x y=y id=id / display=(fill) fillattrs=(color=white);      * Draw static white diagonals thru tree; 
polygonplot x=sx y=sy id=sid / display=(fill) fillattrs=(color=red);     * Draw moving horizonatl slits; 
beginpolygon x=-8 y=16 / drawspace=datavalue display=(fill) fillAttrs=(color=white) layer=front; 
             draw x=8 y=16; draw x=8 y=17; draw x=-8 y=17; endpolygon;   * Mask off top of card (for "infinite scroll" of red bars);
beginpolygon x=-8 y=-1 / drawspace=datavalue display=(fill) fillAttrs=(color=white) layer=front; 
             draw x=8 y=-1; draw x=8 y=-2; draw x=-8 y=-2; endpolygon;    * Mask off bottom of card (for "infinite scroll" of red bars);   
entry textattrs=(size=14pt weight=bold color=green) "HAPPY HOLIDAYS!"/ valign=bottom;

ods _all_ close;                        * Animated GIF setup;
options papersize=('6 in', '6 in') printerpath=gif animation=start 
        nodate nonumber animloop=YES NOANIMOVERLAY animduration=.09;
ods printer file='/folders/myfolders/xmas2020.gif';
ods graphics on / reset antialias width=6in height=6in imagefmt=GIF;

options nobyline;
proc sgrender data=tree template=xmas;                                   * Generate Xmas card!;
by frame;

options printerpath=gif animation=stop; * Animated GIF wrapup;
ods printer close;



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