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Lapis Lazuli | Level 10 tc
Lapis Lazuli | Level 10



Just about time for the closing ceremony, so time for one last chart - a simple dot plot that tries to capture the effect of distance/hurdles on the average speed of the winners of the Men's Track & Field event finals. Was kind of surprised to see how fast those distance walkers go!


* Fun w/ODS Graphics: Dot Plot of Men's Track & Field event winners' avg speeds;

data results;
infile cards dlm="," firstobs=2 truncover dsd;
input DISTANCE EVENT : $30. WINNER : $30. COUNTRY : $30. TIME time12.;
MPH=DISTANCE/TIME/1000*60*60*0.621371; * Convert to miles-per-hour for us metric-challenged;
* Source:;
100, 100m,Usain Bolt, Jamaica,0:00:09.81
200, 200m,Usain Bolt, Jamaica,0:00:19.78
400, 400m,Wayde van Niekerk, South Africa,0:00:43.03
800, 800m,David Rudisha, Kenya,0:01:42.15
1500, 1500m,Matthew Centrowitz Jr., United States,0:03:50.00
5000, 5000m,Mo Farah, Great Britain,0:13:03.30
10000, 10000m,Mo Farah, Great Britain,0:27:05.17
110, 110m hurdles,Omar McLeod, Jamaica,0:00:13.05
400, 400m hurdles,Kerron Clement, United States,0:00:47.73
3000, 3000m steeplechase,Conseslus Kipruto, Kenya,0:08:03.28
400, 4×100m relay, Jamaica,,0:00:37.27
1600, 4×400m relay, United States,,0:02:57.30
42195, Marathon,Eliud Kipchoge,Kenya,2:08:44.00
20000, 20km walk,Wang Zhen, China,1:19:14.00
50000, 50km walk,Matej Tóth, Slovakia,3:40:58.00
ods listing image_dpi=300 gpath='/folders/myfolders';
ods graphics on / reset antialias width=7in height=5in imagename="FastFasterFastest";
proc sgplot data=results;
title "Who's the Fastest of Them All? Winners of Men's Track & Field Event Finals";
dot event / response=MPH categoryorder=respdesc;
yaxis display=(nolabel) valueattrs=(size=7pt);
xaxis label="Average Speed(Mph)" grid labelattrs=(size=7pt)  valueattrs=(size=7pt);
yaxistable mph / title="Mph" position=right nolabel titleattrs=(size=7pt);
yaxistable distance / title="Meters" position=right nolabel titleattrs=(size=7pt);
yaxistable winner / title="Winner" position=right nolabel titleattrs=(size=7pt);
yaxistable country / title="Country" position=right nolabel titleattrs=(size=7pt);
yaxistable time / title="Time" position=right nolabel titleattrs=(size=7pt);
format mph 5.2 time tod11.2 distance comma7.;



Nice plot.


Interesting that the 4x100 is faster average speed than the 100m, but the 4x400 is a little slower than the 400.


At first I was confused that the average speed of 4x100 could be so much faster than the Usain Bolt's average speed in the 100m.  But I suppose perhaps it is because in the 4x100, three of the four runners get a "running start" instead of starting from the blocks.

Check out the Boston Area SAS Users Group (BASUG) video archives:
Super User

And, to add to @Quentin, there is only reaction time included once at the start. The 3 subsequent runners get to see the oncoming team member and start moving as desired. Cutting out 3 reactions to start could well be nearly .6 seconds overall.



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