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Lapis Lazuli | Level 10 tc
Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Holiday Door WreathHoliday Door WreathODS Graphics Chinese Flag WreathODS Graphics Chinese Flag Wreath


A neighbor's holiday door wreath was nice, but made me wonder, "Where have I seen that before?" And then I remembered - @Ksharp's SAS ODS Graphics Happy-National-Day Chinese flag wreath! Happy Holidays!


UPDATE: Modified code, adding random sizes and shades of reds to get the following virtual holiday wreath. OK, nowhere near as nice as my neighbor's, but you can't beat the price! 😀 🎅


ODS Graphics Holiday WreathODS Graphics Holiday Wreath


data wreath;                              * Generate points for holiday 'wreath';
do a=90 to -270 by -10;                   * Generates points for bubbles;
  do r=.5 to 1.1 by .15;                  * Five points for each angle;  
    size=ceil(ranuni(7)*10);              * Assign random size (# from 1-10);
    if r=1.1 then size=max(size,4);       * Minimum size for outermost ring is 4;
    colornum=ceil(ranuni(2)*5);           * Assign random red shade (# from 1-5);
                                          * Holiday Wreath (Bubble+Scatter Plots);
proc sgplot data=wreath aspect=1 noautolegend noborder;
bubble x=x y=y size=size /
       dataskin=pressed  nooutline bradiusmin=.17in bradiusmax=.28in 
       colormodel=(cxff5b5b cxe20000 cxcb0000 cxbd0000 cxa60000) /* Shades of red */
       fill colorresponse=colornum;   
xaxis display=none; yaxis display=none;   * Look Ma, no axes!;




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